Arranging the baptism of a child is a time of happiness for the parents, family of the child and for the Church.

Baptism creates a link between your family and the wider family of the Church in helping your child’s spiritual development.

Planning The Baptism

Date and Time of Baptism

Baptisms normally take place at the Sunday morning service at 9.45a.m. or at a time arranged by the priest.

Booking the Baptism

Please ring the Parish Administrator on 02089425070 or email to arrange the baptism. We will need to know the following:
The child’s full name and date of birth and the parents’ names, address and telephone number. The vicar will then contact you to arrange a suitable date.


It is desirable for Godparents to be confirmed but it is a requirement of Canon Law that all Godparents must be baptised. It is customary for boys to have two Godfathers and one Godmother and for girls to have two Godmothers and one Godfather.

There is no fee for Baptism

Offerings for the work of the church will be gratefully received and are a normal expression of thanksgiving. A plate will be circulated at the third hymn for any donations you or your family may care to make.

Guidance For The Baptism Service

Our Churchwarden will be present to welcome you when you arrive at church.

Please ask your guests to be in their places five minutes before the service begins. Photographs may be taken at the font but ask that you refrain during the rest of the service. After the service there will be plenty of opportunity for photographs.

We ask guests to be respectful as it is a normal service and our congregation are worshipping and praising God.


There is a Children’s Corner at the back of the Church with some books if children get restless.




Baptism Explained:


In Baptism Your Child:

Is Marked with the sign of the cross
- as an act of dedication to Jesus Christ
- as a sign that the child now belongs to Jesus Christ through Baptism
- to show the child what it means to follow Christ
“I sign you with the cross, the sign of Christ”

Is Baptised with water
- as a sign of God’s forgiveness and love
- as a sign of God’s life-giving grace
- as a sign of the ‘new birth’ that unites us with Christ and brings us into the family of the Church.
“I baptise you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.” 

Is Given a lighted candle
- as a sign of God’s promise to guide all who trust in him.
- as a sign of God’s life-giving grace
- as a sign of the present of Jesus Christ with all those who have been baptised
- as a reminder that every baptised Christian must shine as a light in the world.
“Shine as a light in the world to the glory of God the Father.”

Is Welcomed into the Family of God’s Church which
- worships God 
- teaches the Christian faith
- cares for its members
- serves the world in the name of Christ
“We welcome you into the fellowship of faith.”

Parents And Godparents Promise To Help Those They Bring To Baptism In Three Ways:


- praying regularly for the children, their parents and all who will influence them as they grow up

- praying for a home that will be ‘a place of love, security and truth.
- praying that the children will grow up to know and love the Lord Jesus Christ


- taking part in the Church’s worship Sunday by Sunday
- seeking to live after the example of Jesus 
- seeking forgiveness for our faults and failings
- seeking to learn more about the Christian life


- helping the children to know about the life and teaching of Jesus
- helping them to say their prayers
- helping them to prepare for confirmation
- helping them to live Christian lives

Presentation of Baptism Certificate: The vicar will give you the Baptism Certificate at the end of the service and we look forward to seeing you again at our church services or Sunday School.