Lower Hall

 Fees Lower Hall

Week days and Sundays non (regular bookings) -  £12.00 per hour

Saturdays (before 6pm) - £15.00 per hour

Saturdays 6pm - 11pm flat rate - £50.00


Please note:The Lower Hall is never available to hire on a Sunday.

Terms and Conditions 

Deposits will be returned if no damage is caused and the hall is left in a satisfactory state in accordance with all conditions of hire below and the hall is vacated at the agreed time. Please allow 2 weeks from date of hire for return of deposit .

CONDITIONS OF HIRE: To pay the hire charge in full not later than 7 days before the date of hiring.

1.      To make good any damage done to the fabric, fixtures and contents of the accommodation under hire during the times stated above and to return all furniture to its storage position as per the plan on display in the hall.

2.      To remove on the same day all articles brought into the hall in connection with the hiring.

3.      Not to interfere with any fittings, electrical or otherwise.

4.      To ensure the hall and kitchen are left in the state of incleanliness which you found them and to remove all rubbish from both the hall and car park on vacating the premises.

5.      To ensure that the toilets are left in state of tidiness andcleanliness which you found them

6.      To extinguish all lights and to ensure that doors are securely locked.

7.      That we are unable to have helium balloons on the premises.

8.      Not to allow alcohol to be sold on the premises or more to be consumed than is necessary for reasonable hospitality.

9.      To remind guests of the necessity to leave quietly as the hall is in a residential area.

10.  To make clear to guests that the church authorities are not responsible for any loss or damage to clothing or goods brought in by them.  Hirers may wish to arrange appropriate insurance cover.

11.  To vacate the hall completely at the agreed finish time

Please email the Church Office if you wish to enquire about hiring either of the halls at St.James Church stjames07@btinternet.com