From Jason Edge

Dear all,

Firstly, thank you so much for all your kind wishes over the past few weeks. Things are seeming much brighter now and I’m gradually and carefully getting back into normal life.

I started back to work on a part-time basis this week – the government has found me some work that I can do without leaving home and without needing to talk much! There are some residual challenges in recovering from that awful illness and, in particular, talking leads to coughing which still leaves me breathless. However, I can now feel confident that all this will clear up over time.

In regards to church, the current plan (assuming nothing else gets in the way!) is to try to do something musical as a choir for Easter. I can’t be any clearer as to what that means at the moment – there are too many unknowns right now. I am sorry this is still some way off (Easter is Sunday 4th April), but I wanted you to know how much I have appreciated your thoughts and also to provide some clarity about the near future – albeit that it amounts to us not getting together for a little while yet.

Stay safe!!!

With love and best wishes,