Living in Love and Faith

  • Should the Church support same sex relationships?
  • Could they ever be called ‘marriage’?
  • What if people disagreed on that: could they still be in a church together?
  • How has your attitude to human sexuality changed in the last twenty years, or has it stayed the same?
  • What has the Bible to say? How does that make sense of our understanding?

What is Living in Love and Faith?

Attend a course?

The Church of England has designed a course, called ‘Living in Love and Faith’.

Kingston Deanery is encouraging people to get together in groups, to discuss the material that is presented. The material is a mix of Bible studies, scientific input and life stories, of people attempting to live out their faith in their relationships; participants will hear voices from all parts of the spectrum; trans, heterosexual, gay, lesbian, divorced, single & married.

The Living in Love & Faith course consists of 5sessions taking place at St Mark’s Church Surbiton KT6 4LS.

The evening will start at 7:30pm on the following dates:

  • Week 1: Wednesday 15th September
  • Week 2: Wednesday 29th September
  • Week 3: Wednesday 6th October
  • Week 4: Wednesday 20th October
  • Week 5: Wednesday 3rd November

All that’s required is a curious mind, and an ability to listen; it’s almost certain that you will be in a group with someone whose understanding about human sexuality is different from yours. That’s fine; indeed, that’s what the course is for. To get people talking about this, together.

To register for the Kingston Deanery Living in Love & Faith course please email Clare Chesterman On registration you will receive more information on the course content and location.