St James Choir hitting the high notes

St James music is renowned throughout Kingston, but now its dulcet tones and heavenly harmonies will be heard on a much wider stage.

Peterborough Cathedral will be hosting a four-day visit by the St James Choir, starting Monday, during which the choir will sing evensong each day from Tuesday to Thursday.   

The choir, whose music throughout the year adds a unique quality to the intensity of worship in church, will use the historic Knights Chamber in the Cathedral Precincts as its base for rehearsing the special programme put together by Director of Music Jason Edge.

Jason said: “This will be a wonderful experience for the choir, and hopefully for Peterborough Cathedral as well. We have been working incredibly hard to create some unforgettable music which will demonstrate the depth of our passion for singing.

“We have called the visit ‘We love this place’ and I am sure the music will combine with the spirituality of the experience to make this a very special event for St James this year.”

Follow next week for pictures of St James Choir in action in Peterborough.