From Geoff Butcher

Geoff was employed in the vaccine industry, working as part of Guy’s hospital for 40 years. Given his vast experience in immunology he wants to urge us all to take the COVID vaccination as soon as we are offered it. He says:

“I’ve already had my 1st vaccine at St George’s. Very quick, two minutes in and out. And almost painless!”

“I felt absolutely fine afterwards – very slight swelling in injection site – but that is common. Otherwise no side effects at all.”

“Vaccines are the first line of defence in fighting any disease. We have a long history of controlling diseases through vaccination in this country – but I think the Chinese were the first to do this. Now, it is highly sophisticated, very regulated industry. Vaccines and antibiotics are the best thing we’ve got. And we need to trust the science on this.”

“Sue will get her vaccine at a later date – given by the district nurse as she is house bound.”

“We have had plagues and pandemics before – and we are in much better position than our ancestors – we probably don’t know how lucky we are.”

“I want to offer to talk to anyone who might be concerned about the vaccine. I think this is one of the confusing things for the public is that evidence changes on the pandemic and the risks – but that is the nature of research. Things and positions change.

Nevertheless we need to follow the science and listen to scientists – and understand their opinion and advice will naturally change as the pandemic plays out. I’d be very happy to talk to through my experience and share a scientific view with anyone who wants to call me.”

If people would like to talk to Geoff about vaccines his number is – 0202 8942 3467.