Views from the Vicarage

In the early days of leading a new parish there are many delights – meeting new people, worshipping in new ways and discovering new ways of being community.  I have been really grateful to all those who have generously included and encouraged me in these early days – your kind words have carried me through
harder days and inspired me.

The great joy of this month for me has been our prayer course based on the book ‘In All Seasons, For All Reasons’ by Fr James Martin. Prayer is a central part of my own life and I want it to be a central part of our community life too – I think it is prayer which helps us grow on every level. For me it is the foundation of the day on which helps all else is built, it the whisper of the kingdom when we are called to act, and the divine hug as we lay down to rest.

I have asked for some famous definitions and quotes about prayer (which we’ve been discussing on the prayer course) to be included in this edition of the magazine – I hope they inspire you to look again at prayer, to have the courage to try new
ways to pray and to find a definition and way of prayer which works for you.

On the course so far we have used prayer beads; silence; the bible (using St Benedict’s Lectio Davina); icons and our feet! On one night a group of us stayed in church with maps praying for each street in our parish and another group took to the streets to pray the prayers God placed on our hearts as we walked. It was a wonderful night – a very new experience for many- and something I hope to repeat in the Autumn.

If you would be interested in attending a monthly ‘Pray for the Parish’ meeting which will be creative and interactive (but no experience necessary) – do let me know as I shall be launching the new group in September.

Mother Katie