Famine stalks the land!

A message from Clem Norman, our Christian Aid co-ordinator.

Last Friday, Christian Aid contacted me to highlight the extreme hunger which now prevails in many many countries around the world, exacerbated by the CoVID pandemic. Among other things they said:

“More than 41 million people in 43 countries are teetering on the brink of famine. Without immediate action, women, men and children will lose their lives.

This is a global hunger emergency. The Covid-19 pandemic, violent conflict and the climate crisis have all increased global hunger. Now, people in countries including South Sudan, Ethiopia, Afghanistan and Burkina Faso are facing the very real threat of starvation.

Families desperately need food and clean water to survive. If we act now, we can prevent unnecessary deaths.”

Christian Aid has launched a “Global Hunger Emergency Appeal”. For more information and to support the appeal please follow this link.

Global Hunger Emergency Appeal – Christian Aid

Thanks for your support